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Dual Enrollment Process: Is It Right for Me?

By emilymcalpine Oct 13, 2014 545 Words
Arguments are everywhere. They are in all of our day-to-day lives. Most people think arguments are only discussions that end up with people yelling at each other and things blowing out of proportion. In reality though, arguments are just regular conversations with ordinary people. Some types of arguments are when two people are disagreeing over a certain topic as well as if two people are arguing the same thing, but they are just building on that idea. I have had many arguments throughout my life, but one argument has stood out the most. The argument I am referring to is if the Dual Enrollment Process was right for me.

When I was a sophomore in high school I heard about the Dual Enrollment Program via my counselor. This is a program in which juniors and seniors can attend college classes at the college of their choice. Each student can choose if they want to take classes at both their high school and college, or they can go full time at the college that they chose. I chose to finish my senior year full-time at Kennesaw State University. I was ecstatic over the fact that I would be able to live like a normal college student, but that is where my argument began.

My parents and I have had long tiring arguments over how I should be treated with this new chapter in my life. They see me as a college student when it seems most beneficial for them, but they also see me as a high school student when they don’t particularly want me to do something a traditional college student may do. As a full time student at Kennesaw State University I want to be treated as a college student. I am taking on the same responsibilities as every other college student on campus, and I want to be treated equally.

Due to my participation in this program, I have run into many complications based on the fact that I am still in high school. Many organizations on campus have rules that prevent Dual Enrollment students from participating. This has created many problems for me in my social life as a college student. While I was considering Dual Enrollment these concerns never arose but could have impacted my decision to participate in Dual Enrollment.

The most important point I argued was with myself, and that was if this program could benefit me in the long run, or would it be more beneficial to stay in high school. I realized that taking the classes at the college would give me the credit for my high school diploma, and it would accelerate my future plans. It could even be possible to complete all my freshman year classes, and start off as a sophomore when all of my other high school classmates would be starting their college experience a year behind me.

As originally stated, there are arguments in all areas of our lives. There are many types of arguments - big and small. Some arguments can be hurtful, while others can be affirming. The only thing we know for sure about arguments is they will be around for years to come, and we can only hope that we will all learn from these experiences.

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