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Topics: Manufacturing, Mass customization, Mass production Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Options SL & HL
Option C: CAD/CAM (C.5.9 – C.5.17)

Options SL & HL
Option C: CAD/CAM (C.5.9 – C.5.17)

C.5.9 Outline a piece of furniture that can be manufactured by CAD/CAM or by a more traditional process. Consider flat-pack furniture compared to traditional cabinet-making techniques.|

C.5.10 Compare the two manufacturing processes for a chosen piece of furniture. Refer to skills involved, efficiency of production, quality control, precision, flexibility and economics.|

C.5.11 Evaluate the product manufactured by the two manufacturing processes. Refer to complexity of design, quality and cost.|
C.5.12 Discuss the benefits of using CAD/CAM in the design and manufacture of flat-pack furniture. Assembly of parts in CAD drawings, order of assembly, quality control, mass customization.|

C.5.13 Discuss how CAD/CAM has affected consumer choice when purchasing furniture. Include interior design packages to model and design environments.|

C.5.14 Outline an area in which a single task robot could be used in the manufacture of flat-pack furniture. Counting accessories and adding fixings.|

C.5.15 Discuss the issues associated with using manufactured boards and natural timber when using CAM to produce furniture. Consider chipping, grain, warping, the clamping of material, quality of profile.|

C.5.16 Outline how the increased use of CAD/CAM in furniture manufacture has developed the need for a wider range of knock down fittings. Flat-pack furniture.|

C.5.17 Describe how exploded view CAD drawings have helped consumers when assembling components. Consider the use and quality of pictorial view sequence diagrams..|
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