D1 Compare CADCAM Package To Part Programme

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D1 Compare and contrast the effectiveness of a CAD/CAM method of manufacturing component to that of using a CNC part programme A part programme is coded using coordinates to give a detailed set of directions to be read by the machine control unit and then followed by the machine tool. When creating a part programme, first of all the programmer must look at a detail drawing to tabulate coordinates and create an operation plan which will include a tool list and materials – this can all be very time consuming and can leave much room for error. Any incorrect code in a programme could lead to errors in the machined component, for example if a datum point is not set in the right place then only part of the component may be drilled/milled in the wrong place; errors in the finished component will mean the entire written programme will have to be thoroughly checked through again, which again is very long and mistakes in the code are not easily identified by the same person who wrote it. If the error is so small the fault in the part made may go unnoticed until put into the final assembly – leading to malfunction. A much more efficient approach to creating a programme would be for the programmer to create a CAD drawing which software such as CIMCO can use to generate a code all by itself. Simulation using CAD can be used for testing a design before letting the programme make it straight away, this makes for less redrafting and delays, therefore saving time. When sent a CAD drawing from a client, it would be quicker to open them using a software – like CIMCO – to generate a tool path for use immediately rather than using the CAD drawing with dimensions to print as a detail drawing to then tabulate etc. Complex shapes and tool paths such as curvy three dimensional designs (for example see figure 1) are much more achievable using 3D modelling because there may be need for more than one tool path at a time which would not be very fun to programme manually. There are some...
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