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Introduction to Drugs:
A drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when taken or put into a human body or the body of another animal and is not considered a food or exclusively a food. What is considered a drug rather than a food varies between cultures, and distinctions between drugs and foods and between kinds of drug are enshrined in laws which vary between jurisdictions and aim to restrict or prevent drug use. Even within a jurisdiction, however, the status of a substance may be uncertain or contested with respect to both whether it is a drug and how it should be classified if at all. There is no single, precise definition, as there are different meanings in drug control law, government regulations, medicine, and colloquial usage. Recreational drugs are chemical substances that affect the central nervous system, such as opioids or hallucinogens. They may be used for perceived beneficial effects on perception, consciousness, personality, and behavior. Some drugs can cause addiction and/or habituation. Marijuana:

Marijuana often called pot, grass, reefer, weed or herb is a greenish gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of Cannabis sativa the hemp plant.

How, they are manufactured?
Marijuana is not manufactured as much as it is produced in a variety of forms like the Cannabis sativa. Herbal cannabis is the dried leaves and female flowers of the plant. Cannabis resin or "hash“is produced from the mature flower heads. Cannabis oil is an extract from the plate by drying the plant then extracting it with a variety of organic solvents. The active ingredient of cannabis of all types is tetrahydrocanabinol (THC).The growth of Cannabis plants is illegal in most of the world, although the possession of the seeds is tolerated in many countries.

Where, does most of the production/consumption take place?
Marijuana is grown and trafficked all over the world, while cannabis is in the United States which is either grown domestically or smuggled from Mexico or Canada. Other countries known for producing and distributing marijuana to the U.S. are Colombia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, South Africa, and Nigeria. Among the variety of ways cannabis is consumed, most are some form of smoking or oral consumption. Cannabis is holding psychoactive effects that starts from and that can be any combination of hallucinogenic, stimulant and depressant qualities. It has each method to have a different psychoactive effects due to the THC and other chemicals being activated, and then consumed. It is generally considered that smoking, which includes combustion toxins, produces a more relaxing ('stoning') effect, while vaporizing and eating tend to be both more intense and more cerebral in effects.

Which, countries are most affected?
The, Untied Nation was reported to have said that in 2010 the most used marijuana was in Australia and New Zealand. Then, the USA and Canada came in second followed by Spain, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Zambia, and Madagascar were all tied with fourth place. The UN also noticed a shift in cultural trends. The European Market is moving away from cannabis resin and towards the herb.(Which, is more popular in the USA) Cannabis had become Afghanistan’s great deal of profit, as it became a cash crop replacing heroin in 2010.The use of drug is stabilizing in North America and Oceania. Smoking pot is on the rise in West and Central Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia and Central Asia.

An addictive drug obtained from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anesthetic.(A, substance that numbs insensitivity to pain.)

How, are they manufactured?

Cocaine is produced from the leaves of the coca plant (Erythoxylon coca). The plant grows only in northern and western South America. Colombia is now the main producer of illegal...
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