Drug Abuse- a Menace to the Society

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Drug Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Drug Abuse is a serious issue affecting all sections of the society, Irrespective whether they are Young/Old, Poor/Rich, and Educated/Illiterate. To really understand the gravity of the situation one needs to understand a few very important points;-

what actually is Drug-Abuse?
As I understand a very simple definition of Drug abuse is that it means use of drugs for the purpose for which it is not meant to be used (in other words use of drugs not for treating ailments but to satisfy vicarious pleasure ). The destructive thing about this is that when people experience the hallucination under the influence of these drugs, they would like to this again & again causing a serious Drug Addiction.

Now let’s try to understand the various Drugs frequently abused. The Most Common that is used by more than 80% of the people is Marijuana also called Ganja or Grass or weed in colloquial language. The most dangerous aspect to be noted is that in spite of being labeled a Banned Drug, Marijuana is available very easily to all & sundry.

The reason for it to be a favorite among the Drug addicts is that it is not very expensive & it gives an instant kick and can be had instantly without even letting a non smoker know about it. We see thousands of people smoking cigarettes everyday & their may be many of them smoking Ganja & still we won’t know about it.

Even though this is not an appropriate time to say I cannot prevent myself from saying that the If the Law enforcing authorities are strict, this menace can be controlled to a very large extent.

Why would people get addicted to this?
Other than the reasons of being easily available etc, as mentioned above Chemically a substance called as THC ( Tetra Hydroxy Cannibinol) a ketone present in this Drug makes the body become dependent on it. The relaxation it brings to the smoker along with the euphoria it creates makes the smoker misconceive that this actually is not destructive & some regulars believe that...
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