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Effects of Alcohol on Drosophila Behavior
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Instructor: Dr. Gary Bulla
Section 6
Notes: Title should be descriptive but concise, containing some key words
Title page should include only the information shown here
Use no smaller than 12 pt font
Capitalize words in title (except “of”, “the”, “in”, ……..)

ABSTRACT (Capitalized with bold face, underline or all caps)
A simple summary of the important points of the paper. Usually a 1-2 paragraphs. It includes the hypotheses, a brief description of the types of experiments done, the major results found and conclusions.
Drosophila (fruit fly) is a well-studied organism which has been used as model to understand higher-order organisms both at the behavior and m olecular levels. Because this organism reproduces rapidly a number of mutants phenotypes exit, Drosophila has proven to be very useful tool. Because high alcohol levels has been shown to have an effect of development of the human fetus, we asked whether similar effects are observed and to what extent in the Drosophila. In order to test this hypothesis, Drosophila were treated with varying levels of alcohol at various times during embryogenesis. Our results demonstrate that as little as 10% alcohol treatme nt has profound effects on Drosophila development. In addition, embryogenesis was delayed and abnormal wing development was observed. These results suggest that alcohol affects many aspects of Drosophila embryogenesis. INTRODUCTION
Write a 1-2 paragraph introduction to the subject matter to give the casual reader a sense of what is being studied, and what questions the experiments are addressing. Your mom should be able to read this and make some sense out of it. When you make a claim, cite the source (for this class, it will be the lab text or the Campbell/Reece Biology book). The last sentence of two should describe the experiment actually done. Lastly, state the outcome of your experiment.

Cited: List references, usually in the order they were cited in the text. See appendix 2 of your Bio1100 lab manual for examples of how to enter references.

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