Drop Off Rate in High School

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Drop-out rate in high school

The dropout rate in high school is bigger then its ever been. The cause for dropping out of is for Family issues, Work related-issues, and in Trouble in school. Student from low income families are likely to leave high school before graduation. According to the “National Transition Study, up to 36.4 percent of young people with disabilities fails to graduate”. Pregnancy was a big issue when I was in high school for dropouts. My best friend dropped out of school. Because ,she felt like work was more important then school. So it tempted her to drop out. But in her situation her father left her mom with three kids and no forwarding address and she got a job and helped her mother pay bills. But on the Other hand my sister had problems with her teachers what motivated her to dropout of school and bad grades.

The effect of dropping out of school is it affect so many things. Most of the time it increase criminal activity. Not completing high school adds to prison and welfare. Teen pregnancy is just getting higher and higher. But in reality now you cant get a good paying job or go to college without a diploma or GED.

In conclusion, A person who has dropped out of school is more likely to be unemployed than a high school graduate. If they find work than it will be a low paying job and offer a little. High school dropouts are more likely than graduates to be on public assistance. No matter what the causes of high school dropouts are, there are definite consequences to leaving school before graduating.
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