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Finding an Article When You Have the Citation
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to find a specific article in the Ashford library when you already have the citation, such as a required reading for your course.

Parts of a Citation
Let’s review the different part of an APA citation. You’ll find the article citation in the Course Materials section of your online course. We’ll use these parts of the citation when we search for the article.


article title

publication date

journal title

Jones-Kavalier, B., & Flannigan, S. (2008). Connecting the digital dots: Literacy of the 21st century. Teacher Librarian, 35(3), 13-16. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.

volume, issue, page numbers

database where article is located

Finding the Article
If the citation tells you which database it came from, then you know where to start your search. If it doesn’t, you may have to try your search in several databases to find the article. ProQuest is a common database where many of these articles can be found, so it’s a good place to start. EBSCOhost is another database in which to look for your required readings. Our citation told us that the article is in ProQuest, so that’s where we’ll look. 1.


Start on the library home page. Click on “Find Articles and More” at the top of the screen. Click on “Databases A-Z”.
Click on “P” for ProQuest. (If your article is from another database, choose the corresponding first letter.) Click on “ProQuest (Search All ProQuest Databases)”. Since we don’t know which of the ProQuest databases this citation came from, this link allows us to search all of them at once.

On the Advanced Search page, we are going to enter some of the different parts of the citation to search for the article. Often you can find the article just by searching for the author and title of the article. 1. Type the author’s LAST NAME ONLY (just one author’s name, if there is more than one author) into the first search box. Don’t...
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