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Demetrius Isaac
27 November 2013
To Hattie Isaac
Driving Essay
In today 's world driving is considered a right, but in fact as I have found out it is a big privilege and one with many consequences. “Fatalities due to driving rose from 105 in 2002 to 181 in 2006 by now the total will be almost 350 deaths in one year.” That is almost one person a day. As a driver I must have a lot of maturity in order to accept the enormous responsibility of having a license. In order to operate a car I must take responsibility for the car, the passengers, pedestrians, and myself. Driving is something that can only be done by mature, responsible individuals, which I hope I’ve become more of as time has passed. “Safe driving consists of obeying all traffic laws, always being aware, and never taking your eyes off the road.” I now know the consequences of only a split second head turn can turn into one of the worst experiences of my life.
There are many notions and laws that are implemented to assure a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Some are avoiding aggressive drivers, ALERTNESS while driving, vehicle following distance, speeding, and many other driving situations. One of many responsibilities in trying to be safe on the roads is having the ability to control your emotions and stress. Some driver’s do not know how to deal with stress. This emotion can hamper the ability to drive safely. If I encounter a vehicle that is driving recklessly, and constantly following to closely the best thing to do to avoid a clash is to reduce speed and allow them to pass your vehicle. Accident are avoidable, all it takes is to be aware of my surroundings. My experience with driving so far hasn’t been a good one. In the matter of six months I’ve gotten a speeding ticket, got in a car accident, and also have totaled a car. Not such a good start. As a teenager you dream of getting behind the steering while of a car and just zooming off, driving everywhere, its like your first real step into adulthood. I would say I didn’t get an A on that step, but with situations like mine its more than just whether you do good or not, most of the time it’s a life or death matter. You don’t necessarily think about all the bad things that can happen as a driver until they actually happen and that’s the wrong approach to things. First of all my speeding ticket, it wasn’t just about me, I had my friend in the car as well. What if I would’ve got in an accident or since we were on a dark road, hit a deer? Not only would my life have been at stake but also Kalen’s too. In my second situation I was coming home from UNCC and not even a minute from campus I’m going down the street and I look down not paying attention. By the time I look up I’m a quarter way through a red light and BAM! I T-bone a big black Tundra truck. Not only could my life have been taken instantly but all three of the people in the opposing cars life could’ve been gone too. I’m lucky to be here and have learned from my mistakes.

The way all these incidents effect me beyond just what happened are as follows, for one the speeding ticket caused you 400 dollars to get me a lawyer so I wouldn’t get my license taken away because I was going twenty-four miles over the speed limit. Secondly my first accident resulted in the Acura getting totaled, right after you had put 4000 dollars into a new transmission. Also it cost another 250 because I was naïve in not knowing to call our own car insurance company. It put you out of a car for a couple of months having to ask around for rides and borrow Genesis car. This accident has caused not only me problems but also the people around me.

To better myself as a driver I am going to follow all the driving rules. That means going the speed limit and not over it, fully focusing on the road and my surroundings, not crossing in front of cars, driving recklessly, TEXTING while driving, looking for things in my car while the car is in motion, all of those things fall under what isn’t acceptable to do while I’m driving. In conclusion I plan to take care of my car to the best ability it can be taken care of and to also not only make sure that I’m a good driver but to make sure my driving doesn’t harm the people around me on the road or in my life.

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