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Types of Drivers

By Lee1993 May 06, 2013 570 Words
Ian Lee
Classification Essay
MW 11:00-12:20
25 March, 2013
Types of Drivers
You are driving down the highway when suddenly a car comes speeding past in a blur and zips from lane to lane like a hot potato. Then there is a car that signals a lane change in order to let the daredevil through and avoids an accident. Then you notice a car timidly veering into another lane continuously looking back and forth with no car in sight. Anyone that has been driving for a while has likely experienced these types of drivers before. Most drivers can fit into three main types, the nervous drivers, the good drivers, and the reckless drivers.

The first type of driver is the nervous driver. They are the drivers that drive under the speed limit and often hit their breaks without warning. This type of driver has the tendency to frustrate other drivers on the road. The nervous driver is easily agitated or alarmed which can lead to them making incorrect decisions that may cause danger. There is nothing wrong with driving cautiously under certain conditions, but to drive like you are in a funeral procession on wide open roads is not acceptable. They often see driving as a hard task and do not get too much enjoyment out of it. These are often inexperienced drivers or drivers that never got the hang of it. Many accidents are caused due to their actions regardless of their intent. With practice nervous drivers can actually become good drivers. Good drivers are the ones that know the laws of the road and follow them closely. This type of driver is normally flowing well with the traffic, and paying close attention to their surroundings. They are able to keep their eyes on the road and on the drivers around him, too. While going the speed limit, and flowing with the traffic, they have a better chance to avoid accidents caused by others. They see driving as a job and take it very seriously. They might succumb to the temptation of cell phone usage or other distractions, but not for long. This is the type of driver many strive to be, but it can be a bumpy road. Anyone can be a good driver with a little practice and confidence. The enemy of the nervous driver and exact opposite of the good driver is the reckless driver. These are the drivers that you see running red lights and racing unwilling opponents. The reckless driver is prone to excessive speeding, often disobeys the most basic of traffic laws, and shows disregard for other drivers. A reckless driver sees driving almost like a game where the road is their board and the vehicle is their game piece. They feel as though they are above the law and cannot be caught, until they are. Driving the speed limit and obeying laws can save you fines, and insurance hikes, and it will help you go with the flow of traffic. The amount of obscene gestures you receive will also decrease.

Not everyone is going to fit one type of driver. At times I myself exhibit characteristics of all three. Each person is different and has their own driving style, some are confident and some are not. At the end of the day the road is a dangerous place and it’s rules should be treated with the utmost respect.

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