Drinking Preferences

Topics: Water, Water quality, Water pollution Pages: 5 (1240 words) Published: June 20, 2013


People from different nationalities have different drinking preferences, particularly differs in developing and developed countries. A survey was conducted on the 11th June, 2013 to have the comparative study of drinking preferences of overseas students in their country and Australia. The research was conducted by means of a sample size of 25 overseas students. The results partly supported the hypothesis as only 6 out of 25 students had changed their drinking preference. The main result was that boiled water is the most preferred drinking water of overseas students in their country. It is likely the main reason for this might be that all of the students were from Asia where tap water is considered as non-hygiene. It is recommended that colleges should provide information about Sydney Water Supply at orientation day.


Sydney, a dream of many overseas students, had faced a severe case of tap water contamination on July, 1998. It was contaminated with bacteria which could not be drunk. There was an increase in advertising of bottled water. Due to that, consumption of bottled water rapidly increased which costs the Sydney public million of dollars. This has also led to environmental pollution. Many people have changed their drinking preference.

Bounds (2004) has suggested to drink tap water as the tap water remains a cheap option as it costs just 98 cents per 1000 litres with chlorine and fluoride. ‘Carrying bottled water has become chic. It means you can afford to trade up, that you drink from an elite tap’ (Evans, 2007).

Strickland & Cresswell (2005) explained that bottled water is bought as people think it is better than tap water but it is only throwing money down the drain . Further they showed the result that neither tap nor bottled water samples had detectable bacterial contamination and all were within guideline limits for other substances. According to Jacobsen (2000), concerning pollution, grazing animals and development are threatening the quality of Sydney’s water supply. He further reported sewage pollution and waste dumps pose the main dangers to water quality.

Most of the above mentioned studies are based on secondary data. Though few studies collect the primary information, they are might be irrelevant in for overseas students in Australia, so there need to be updated primary data collection. Therefore this study questionnaire survey is to discover the facts about the drinking preference of overseas students.

The purpose of this research is the comparative study of preference of drinking water of overseas students in their home country and Australia.

The hypothesis is overseas students have changed their drinking preference in Australia compared to their home country.


A survey of international students was conducted on 11th June, 2013 at UWSC to compare drinking preferences in their home country and Australia. A small group of 25 students was chosen randomly from different countries.

The method used for the survey was a written questionnaire. There were 10 questions which were opened ended and closed ended, multiple-choice questions. 4 questions were related to demographic, 3 questions were preference-based and 3 questions were reason-based.

The questionnaire was distributed in two classes during class time. All of the students took part. Assistance was available from the researchers if necessary.

The questionnaires were collected after completion and collated. Graphs and charts were created so that the important data could be shown so that comparative analysis can be made.


All of the 25 participations were from Asia with the highest majority of Chinese who had been living in Australia from less than 3 months. An Equal number of male and female took part in the survey, who were mostly 20-25 years age group. Out of 25...
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