Dreamworlds 3

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Sociology Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: March 2, 2009
Media 2: Dreamworlds 3 Desire, Power & Sex
American culture has learned to become sexist and misogyny with the influence of the sexual exploitation of women in the music, media, advertising and entertainment industries. For instance, today music videos are the latest expression of sexuality and gender stereotypes; however these music videos are often condemned for its exploitation of women. In the documentary Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Power & Sex, Director Sut Jhally analyzes how music videos both inform and are informed by our culture’s dominant attitudes regarding femininity, masculinity, sexuality and race. Sut Jhally begins to illustrate a unique and powerful understanding to the continuing influence of music videos and its storytelling, in terms of its cultural behaviors and attitudes. With the help of Sut Jhally in addition to analyzing the interrelated social problems we are able to investigate the social constructs of music videos and examine how they are drawn and shaped within our culture. People socially construct sexuality just as they create the rest of the reality they experience. The symbolic interaction analysis highlights the variable meanings people attach to sexuality. In Dreamworlds 3 Jhally opens the documentary with the observation that music videos are forms of advertisements and these images of sexual female characters in music videos enhances the productivity. Thus these music videos, like other forms of advertising, rely heavily on storytelling and sexual imagery to fulfill the function of selling merchandise. Jhally demonstrates the growth of sexual imagery through the use of women of these music videos. Furthermore, Jhally demonstrates that these music videos cast women as money hungry sex objects by exploiting them to all genres of music. It is clear that women’s bodies have formed a purpose as important advertising tools, however producers of these music videos fail to see the influence of their work on our culture and how...
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