Sex and the City

Topics: Popular culture, Culture, High culture Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Welcome to WST 371: a 7 week online course. This course will examine how women and sexuality have been depicted in American popular culture from the 1950’s to current day. We will utilize themes and images from various formats, including movies, television, and popular books as well as analyzing different products and stores in considering what ideas and images about sexuality are being marketed and sold. We will consider questions such as: Have popular images of sexuality for women changed over time? If so, what has allowed these changes to occur? How do these popularly constructed ideas about sexuality affect attitudes concerning issues of romance and relationships, danger and violence or sexuality and sexual orientation? Is sexuality constructed for all women the same way? How do issues of race, class, ethnicity or age affect these depictions?

Please note this is a course about sexuality and representations of sexuality in popular culture. In this course, we will sometimes deal with difficult, sensitive issues related to depictions of sexuality. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the material at any time please contact me.

ASU Disability Resource Services coordinates accommodations and services for all students who are eligible. If you have a disability for which you wish to request accommodations and have not contacted DRS, please do so as soon as possible at (480) 965-1234.

1. Book: To be chosen by you (see book review paper below for more details).

2. Readings: All required articles will be posted online under the Weekly Units sections.
1. Papers. There are three writing assignments due throughout the course. There are 2 response papers (see below: 3-4 pages each) and one book review paper (5-6 pages). Please see paper assignments under the Weekly Units on blackboard for specific paper topics/lengths/etc. Dates are also posted on blackboard. They all must be submitted through safe assign and you will...
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