Dreams in Photography

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Daniel Robles Lizano

1 To Dream, interpretation with Photography

I choose these as my topic because dreams when you are asleep function as a movie, and what is a movie but lots of photographs played together. Even though you don’t see you’re dreams in photographs played together, when you remember you’re dreams you remember them sort of like images, like photographs, memories of the dream you had the night before, and that is what is done in modern times with the special equipment, you can recreate the effect of a image that is stocked in you’re mind from last nights dream, or make you’re own dream, and by the right equipment I mean by photography cameras or film cameras, like many famous surreal film makers such as Luis Buñuel, or many famous photographers such as Man Ray, make dreams come true in live image, sometimes with special effects or sometimes by the position of the object, the light, the perspective, photomontage, they can manage to make a photograph an amazing dream, in modern time photography has impressed the eye of humanity, and caught my eye, one of the major reasons of me picking this topic is thanks to Teun Hocks his photographs can be such dream like that they appear to be real, when you see one of his photographs you can tell it’s a dream memory, like if you had a dream and you could remember it, the image that got stocked in you’re head could be exactly the same as Teun Hock’s photograph.

With photography in photograph cameras and film cameras you can have a really vivid and real-like dream, you can’t sometimes distinguish from the real and from the image taken, but in dreams what is real and what is not? Who can tell you a dream isn’t real, so images can be as real as a dream is, as imaginative as the dreamer could be, and as impressive visually as the artist (in this case talking about films and photography) can make it.

You can have as much expressive freedom as you’re imagination can get too, because in photography you could say that you can only use the panorama that its in the real world, that is not really true, special effects lights… the things I already said at the top of the text can make a dream like image, because dreams, are images that you’re mind creates thanks to memory, like people in you’re dreams. For example the people you don’t know that appear in you’re dreams they actually exist, they are people that you’re mind photographs as you’re life goes through, next time you dream of a person you don’t know, it could be the milk man that you saw just one time 4 years ago, so its like creating a photomontage-like image in you’re dream, and also your mind would be working as a photograph camera.

One of the first greatest and biggest examples of dream photomontage photography could be Grete Stern.

Daniel Robles Lizano

Personal Context

I love photography, and also films, specially surreal photography and films, which are not really the same at all but have the equal amount of interpretational doors, just as painting, dance, music, and every other art, but they have images and an image is worth more that a thousand words, and I actually like a lot taking photographs and I am going to make my own short film about dreams called “the dream carnival”, and my photographs I try to make them the less “normal” as I can, dream films are not as popular as super hero movies…Etc, but the dream movies there are made they are fantastic, ill put an example, inception, its one of the most bizarre, imaginative and impressive movies I have in my collection, its amazing, the story is exceptional and creative, and its one of the only blockbuster movies that I have liked a lot. Photography also is when you can make something no so amazing, become something beautiful, and with photography depending on the artist, a every day normal car, a refrigerator, a pen, anything that is really common and you see...
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