Dreams and Science

Topics: Dream, Blog, Dreaming Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Dreams often tend to come in various natures and the emotions that they give out are real, despite them coming from unrealistic visions. These emotions make dreams effect people in different ways; dreaming can cause the author to express the experience of dreaming through a popular website or cause another author to do scientific research as to why people dream in the first place. Both of these responses have the same topic, but posting a dream on a popular blog and explaining dream theories through a scientific online article are two entirely different genres that serve different purposes with varying audiences. Despite having the same topic, these two genres - a scientific online article and a blog post- also vary in shaping the meaning and use of dreams.

The blog post was written by a teenage girl named Cynthia, who had a dream she wished to express online. Because of the text's genre, there are many rules of the English language that are broken as she is describing her dream, but this is acceptable on a personal blog. Throughout the text there is misuse in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and even paragraphing. "... I was about to eat a banana./and it was a really, really windy day/so my grandma peeled the banana and handed it to me so I could eat it/and i blinked..." In this short section of the blog post, it shows that the author uses paragraphing as a use for pause rather than beginning a new topic. It is also shown that her use of capitalization varies and has no consistent pattern. The author even uses curse words as she describes how "the wind blew the whole fucking banana right out of my hands". But all these informalities in her posts do have a purpose, even if the author herself was not aware of it; they seem to add to the humor the post, which is what lead the blog post to be so successful. As the blog post goes on, it is clear that the author is writing how she speaks. This allows the post to be simple and easy to relate to. At one point,...

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