Dreams: Addiction and Informative Speech

Topics: Addiction, Lung cancer, Fetal alcohol syndrome Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: October 13, 2014
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Today silently read Chapter 14, “The Informative Speech,” on pages 321-353. Then label your paper and do one of the following:
*Define the terms listed on page 349 and write answers to the “Review Questions” on page 350 for an A.
*Write answers to the “Review Questions” on page 350 for a B. *Define the terms listed on page 349 for a C.

Start thinking of a subject for your informative speech. It may be on any topic (appropriate for school). Pick something that interests you. It could be on a person, place, or any thing! You will research for your informative speech on Wednesday, this week and Tuesday of next week. After you pick a topic, write an outline. The outline needs to be typed.

You’ll present your speech on Monday or Wednesday of the next week (March 31-April 2) In order to have the possibility of an A, you must have a visual aid.

The purpose is to INFORM your audience about your topic—that’s why it’s called an informative speech.

Sample informative speech topics:
AngelsNear-death experiencesHyperactivityAny state
ParapsychologyDivorceTeen marriagesAny cat breed
UFOsBigfootDomestic violenceAny dog breed
DiamondsEaglesConservationAny musician
Secondhand smokeRattlesnakesRacismAny sports team
Anti-depressantsJealousyBermuda TriangleAny country
A waterfallDysfunctional familiesLions/tigers/bearsAny sport Teen gamblingSitting Bull/any leader Bear ButteAny animal PowwowsFancy dancing, etc.Powwow musicAny vacation spot Fetal alcohol effectFetal alcohol syndromeSIDSAny career DreamsPanic attacksInsomniaAny author

Teen suicideDepressionCloningAny subject!
Schizophrenia Voodoo American Indian Movement
StereotypesMartin Luther King, Jr. Bulimia
SteroidsStress management
Muscle carsCompulsive overeating Puppy mills
Horse slaughteringMissouri River issuesAny...
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