Dream Deferred Langston Hughes

Topics: Poetry, Langston Hughes, Rhyme, African American, Metaphor, Dream / Pages: 4 (983 words) / Published: Mar 27th, 2017
Langston Hughes poem titled “Dream Deferred” is a poetic masterpiece explaining how delaying our dreams we only result in them diminishing or getting lost overall. Langston Hughes was is an African-American poet and social activist who was born on February 1st in the early 1900s (1902). Growing up and eventually becoming a social activist in New York. Langston Hughes was a subject of racism and being told “no” for him living in the years before the 1960s were racism was some what tolerated in America. Langston Hughes might have believed that his dreams wouldn't grow because of his situation and that the inspiration came from people around him like his parents who weren't able to follow there dreams. The poem resembles how serious postponing …show more content…
The diction the poet is employing is definitely sensory images because it allowed me to view images in my mind and the poem allowed for many different interpretations about the same theme. I believe the way word choices joined into a rhyming pattern and the type of imagery Langston Hughes was able to portray allowed the poem to have a very questioning tone. The poem also came off to me as a regretful tone from the speaker in which this case a former dreamer talking to potential future dreamers. There are many figures of speech included in the poem like similes. There is a rhyme scheme every 2nd line like “sun” and “run.” Similes are another major figure of speech. There are many similes like “Like a raisin in the sun?” or “Does it stink like rotten …show more content…
He expressed in simile format and with great imagery to really show that dreams are something to hold onto with great pride and not let it go so easy or to postpone them without second thought. The poem brings forward sensitive themes like regret because the speaker sounds as if they had experience towards the subject. The second subject it brings is giving advice, because it sounds like the speaker is giving advice to his former self with the combination of imagery. The poem identifies a dreamer as a speaker talking to his former self or another dreamer to aware him of the mistakes he might make when focusing on other things to let their dreams be put on hold and then vanish. Langston Hughes received the inspiration for this poet of his early life and him being infatuated with motivating individuals. I believe that the poem sets out to scare people with saying that if you don't chase dreams they will just diminish and be forgotten and can no longer still exist. All together from the way this poem was constructed to how it was layered in a rhythmic fashion Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred” definitely succeeded in his strong

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