Dramatic Irony In A Midsummer Night

Topics: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck, Helena Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Dramatic Irony in a Midsummer Night's Dream
Examples of Dramatic Irony:
Helena thinks that Lysander and Demetrius are making fun of her when they are under love potion. Puck doesn't know he was choosing the wrong person to put the flower juice on Bottom doesn't know that he has the head of donkey, but then he is making fun of Snout when calling him an ass When Hermia accuses Helena of bewitching Lysander when in reality Lysander is actually bewitched When Hermia accused Demetrius of killing Lysander but he truly didn't; Lysander just ran away When Titania dreams she has fallen in love with an ass (bottom), when she actually has. Irony affects the tone of the play because irony gives the story an intense feel to it that the readers would be on the edge of their seats. How does Dramatic Irony enhance the play?

It creates a comedic effect because of the character's confusion. The tension and arguments created amongst the four lovers makes the play more entertaining. It also creates excitement and keeps the interest of the reader. Using dramatic irony puts the reader above the characters and this makes the reader create feelings like hope, fear and eagerness. Dramatic irony makes the readers and audience be pushed to sympathize with the character in the story It is used to emphasize the limited understanding even on innocent and honest people , and to show the painful outcome + misunderstanding It is used to expand the tension of the drama and to support themes in the play. It is not only to keep readers attention and to be involved, but it is also used to give themes more meaning and depth Dramatic Irony adds elements to enhance the plays meaning/theme and to make the play even more interesting because of the suspense that was added to it by irony Since Midsummer Night's Dream is mostly associated with comedy, adding dramatic irony, gives it a little change of atmosphere. it plays the range of anticipation and a comedic relief The audience becomes...
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