Drama Review ; Mudlarks

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On the 17th of October me and my class mates went to see Mudlarks at the bush theatre, it’s written by an upcoming script writer named Vicki Donoghue. The play was a tragedy and a comedy which was set in modern day on the river bank of Kent. I expected the play to have allot of swearing in it because it’s 14+ and boys their age tend to swear allot, however sometimes when they swore it had a moving effect on yhe audience, from the title I interpreted that it what have muddy set. The play was about 3 boys named: Wayne Charlie & Jack who’d committed a crime and where hiding in a mud bank from the police. Then they get into a feud; Jack no longer wanted to live that lifestyle as he wanted to focus on his education however his friends weren’t supportive and unfortunately ends up stabbing him. This resulted to him not being able to live with himself & committing suicide, leaving Wayne alone. The staging had traverse seating which added to the tension whilst allowing us to see the audiences’ reaction and coud see how others interpreted the play, some understood it and could relate other were snotty. Which in both ways worked; those who looked down on it was exactly the reason why they were trapped in the system of ‘’ getting bad job and getting a girl pregnant’’.There was no interval which showed they had no escape and because it was sent in modern days it was really eye-opening. Furthermore because it was in traverse we felt that we were really involved which added a more intense feel to it. we were the barriers we were almost the reason why they couldn’t escape; society has failed them and because there were two options [seating on both sides] it represented how in life there are two options. In addition to this tiered seating which the meant we were able to see them and it went from low to high and the irony of that is the stage get low and the eat gets high. The set helped communicate at particular times because when the play started you could hear police footsteps and sirens, the set was had litter on it; broken shopping trolley and a half broken road sign. An abandoned boat which gave a sense of loneliness and it was muddy which communicated that they were in a hide out. And didn’t want to be seen, there was also a huge brick wall which separated them from the police. There was also some empty cans of beer and energy drinks which is what young boys tend to drink and it showed that. They come here to drink and smoke and not get caught, it was there ‘hang out’.

The play consist of 3 boys , and I think they added characters to suit their role for example; Charlie spat showing he was a vile character and he supported that throughout he also had a boastful walk. He had quite a negative outlook on life. He’s also quiet hard headed ‘’ I’m not apologizing’’. Then again he has a hint of good of him and I think that bright orange stripe on his jacket represents that. When we find out he pays for Wayne’s meter and steals food for him. But as whole his ora is very negative. On the contrary Wayne was very dopey & juvenile he pretends to be a robot when he takes out to cans but because he’s so juvenile and immature we have pure emotion towards and sympathies with him allot because we see him as a baby even though he’s a teenager. Especially with his red bobbly hat represent a sense of innocence and made him seem younger even though he may not have been that and the red hat represents his fun bubbly personality. ‘It’s ours and I’m proud of it shows he tries to see the best in everything it’. He also used suitable characteristics to support his rule for example he would zone out and day dream a lot and reminiscence about his childhood a lot for example the day trip they took with jacks mum think the director choose to do that so we see that he doesn’t to want to grow but we see him give up his hat for Wayne to keep him warm we see him growing up along with giving him his jacket. Which was his security blanket and kept him warm he...
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