Drag birthday surprise

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Drag’s Birthday Surprise:
A Tiberius Story
by Keith Harvey

Sometimes the postman came to Tiberius’ house, but not very often. Occasionally he had a letter from a friend who had moved away to another village and sometimes his aunt would send him a letter, or even a parcel! Tiberius was halfway through his breakfast of cheeseflakes when he first heard the postman’s cheery whistle. ‘Great!’ thought Tiberius. ‘It sounds like a letter or, even better, a parcel is coming my way.’ The whistling got louder and louder and then there was a knock at the door. Tiberius hurried to open it. “I’ve got a parcel here for you Tiberius, but I have to say it’s a bit on the smelly side.”

“Yummy!” said Tiberius. “It smells delicious to me.” The postman gave Tiberius his parcel, turned around and began whistling again as he walked back down the path. Tiberius went into the kitchen and put his parcel on the table. He had already guessed what was in it. His dear Aunt Philamena had sent him some of his favourite cheese, Gorgonzola. That was a real treat for Tiberius because the local shopkeeper only stocked Cheddar cheese. She said that people living in the village were not keen on Gorgonzola so there was no real point in stocking it. ‘This is a surprise for me,’ thought Tiberius. ‘It is lovely to get a surprise to?’

He then had a brilliant idea. It was Drag’s birthday that day and although Tiberius didn’t know how old he was, he thought that he would love to give Drag a surprise birthday party. Outside the sun was shining and he immediately knew what the surprise was going to be – a birthday barbecue! ‘I’d better go and find Croaky Crow and Sneaky Cat. I’ll need their help.’ And off he scampered. He got to the signpost and turned right.

When he found Croaky Crow and Sneaky Cat he told them about his idea. They thought it was wonderful and immediately set about making a party list. “We mustn’t let Drag know,” said Tiberius. “Now, who is going to do what?” “Croaky Crow, you go and fly around and invite all his friends. There’s Dilys Snapdragon, Mr Snail, Angus Ladybird…

Sir Patrick Fitzwarren, Mr MacGillicuddy, Georgina and Henrietta. You know them all. Tell them to be my house for half past four.” “Sneaky Cat, you can come in to the village with me and help me get supplies for the barbecue.” “This is exciting,” said Sneaky Cat. “I bet Drag will really be surprised. I wonder how old he is?” “I don’t know, but if we put lots of candles on his cake we can’t go wrong and he’ll never be able to count them all.” At the village shop Mrs Johnson was surprised to see Sneaky Cat and Tiberius looking so excited. “What are you two up to?” she asked.

“We are going to give Drag a surprise birthday party barbecue, so we want lots of nice things to eat.” Sneaky Cat produced a list. “Could we have all of these, please, and anything else you can think of. Oh, and by the way, you are invited as well.” Sneaky Cat and Tiberius left the shop with sausages, beefburgers, bread rolls and chicken and vegetable kebabs. Mrs Johnson suggested that they also take bananas and marshmallows because she said they are both lovely when cooked on a barbecue. Tiberius had his doubts, but he took them to try anyway. When they arrived back home, Croaky Crow had already got out the barbecue and made a big list of all the people who said they would come to the party. “Now,” said Tiberius.

“Let’s think of what else we need.”
He fetched some balloons from the house and Sneaky Cat blew them up and hung them from trees in the garden. Croaky Crow got out some chairs and he found some bunting in Tiberius’ shed, which he hung up as well. It was beginning to look more like a village fete than a birthday party! “Where’s the cake?” asked Croaky Crow.

“The cake!” said Sneaky Cat.
“The caaake! ” said Tiberius.
“We’ve forgotten the cake!”

“Why don’t we make one of your special chocolate cakes?” suggested Sneaky Cat. “It wouldn’t take long.”

“What a good idea,”...
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