And Then There Were None Dialectic Journal

Topics: And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie, English-language films Pages: 18 (6519 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Chapters 1 and 2:
In the beginning of the book, we are introduced to the eight strangers who were invited to the mysterious island named “Soldier Island” by an unknown host name U.N. Owen. The eight were Mr. Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, Emily Brent, General Macarthur, Edward Armstrong, Tony Marston and William Blore. Justice Wargrave is a retired judge who was invited into Soldier Island by a woman named Constance Culmington. Vera Claythorne is a skilled secretary who was hired by Mr. Owen to be his own secretary in Soldier Island. Philip Lombard was also another soldier and was invited by Mr. Owen because of his reputation is that of a good man in a tight place. Emily Brent was a sixty-five year old woman who regularly reads and follows her Bible. She was a friend of Mr. Owen and was invited to his “guest house” in the island. Gen. Macarthur was a War hero. He was invited by Owen to reminisce the old times that they have been together. Edward Armstrong is a doctor invited by Mr. Owen. Anthony James "Tony" Marston is a rich, good-looking man. Lastly, Mr. Blore is a retired police inspector which Owen invited. They soon traveled to Solider Island, which is an isolated island in the middle of the sea. When they came to the mansion they met two other people, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, who were the cook and butler for their stay and was hired by Mr. Owen. After they all met they realized hat the person who invited them, Mr. Owen, was not present. Almost everybody became suspicious of this and wanted to see him as soon as possible. The chapter ended when the guests are preparing for dinner.

Quotations and Explanations:
1. “…I shall be glad to pay you the salary you ask and shall expect you to take up your duties on August 8th. The train is the 12.40 from Paddington and you will be met at Oakbridge station. I enclose five guineas for expenses.”(3-4).

This direct quote explains to us the setting of the next scene and also tells us about Vera’s role on why Mr. Owen invited him.

2. “Vera went over to the window and sat down on the window seat. She was faintly disturbed Everything-somehow-was a little queer. The absence of the Owens, the pale ghostlike Mrs. Rogers. And the guests! Yes the guests were queer too. An oddly assorted party.” (32-33).

This shows the first rising action of the story; Vera has suddenly become suspicious of the Owens’ disappearance, the guests’ actions and of them being isolated in an island.

3. “Mr. Justice Wargrave reflected on the subject of Constance Culmington. Undependable like all women. His mind went on to the two women in the two women in thee house, the tight-lipped old maid and the girl. He didn’t care for the girl, cold-blooded young hussy. No, three women if you counted the Rogers woman. Odd creature, she looked scared to death.”(38).

This narration first introduces us to Mr. Wargrave. It tells us that Justice Wargrave is a person who only cares for himself and is not caring to other people.

4.”Damn it all, the whole thing was deuced odd! Not at all what he’d been led to expect…….But the motorboat had gone back to the main land. He’d have to stay.”(40) This shows us that Gen. Macarthur finally realized that he has been fooled to go to Soldier Island. The promise of meeting his comrades in the island were false.

Chapters 3 and 4:
After the guests were able to adapt themselves to the mansion, they had dinners which were served by the Rogers. After eating, the two ladies, Vera and Emily, left out into the drawing room. Immediately afterward, the rest of the guests followed. While they are having their conversations, they heard a loud voice coming out of nowhere and warned them. The voice told them that each and every one of them were guilty of killing people. One by one, the voice told them their accusations. After the accusations, the voice said to them “Prisoners at the bar, have you anything to say in your defense?” and...
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