Draft Report on Higher Education

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Government of India Planning Commission New Delhi

Report on Working Group on Higher Education - 11TH Five Year Plan Chapter 1 : INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 : Thrust Areas Of Higher Education During 5th To 10th Five Year Plans Chapter 3 : Policy Perspective Chapter 4 : Public Expenditure On Higher Education: An Overview Chapter 5 : Financial Requirements for Higher Education in the Eleventh Plan, Based on Macro Targets and Estimates Chapter 6 : Status of Higher Education Institutional Capacity Chapter 7 : Progress In Enrolment Level –Aggregate Level Chapter 8 : Equity And Inclusive Education – Enrolment At Disagreement Level Chapter 9 : Status Of Quality And Excellence Chapter 10 : Making Higher Education Relevant Chapter 11: Use Of In Higher Education & Inter University Centres Chapter 12 : Research Chapter 13 : Open And Distance Learning System Chapter 14 : National Merit Scholarship Scheme

Chapter 15: Need for financial assistance to needy students for pursuing Higher Education. Chapter 16: Financial requirements.


A little more than half a century has passed since the Government initiated a planned development of higher education in the country with the establishment of University Grants Commission in 1953. The policy for the development of higher education has been mainly governed by the “National policy on Education” of 1986 (as modified in 1992) and its Program of Action 1992. The 1986 policy and Action Plan of 1992 were based on the two land mark reports namely, the “University Education Commission Report” of 1948-49 (popularly known as Radhakrishnan Commission), and the “Education Commission Report” of 1964-66, (popularly known as Kothari Commission ). These two reports, in fact, laid down the basic framework for the National Policy of 1986 for higher education in the country. The Radhakrishnan Commission on University Education had set up goals for development of higher education. While articulating these goals, the Commission put it in following words: “The most important and urgent reform needed in education is to transform it, to endeavour to relate it to the life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby make it the powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural transformation necessary for the realization of the national goals. For this purpose, education should be developed so as to increase productivity, achieve social and national integration, accelerate the process of modernization and cultivate social, moral and spiritual values.” The National Policy on Higher Education (1986 ) translated the vision of Radhakrishnan Commission and Kothari Commission in five main goals for higher education, as enumerated below; which include Greater Access, Equal Access (or Equity), Quality and Excellence, Relevance and Value Based Education. a) Greater Access requires an enhancement in the education institutional capacity to provide opportunities to all who deserve and desire higher education. b) Equity involves fair access to the poor and the socially disadvantaged groups. c) Quality and Excellence involve provision of education by accepted standard so that students receive available knowledge of the highest standard and help them to enhance their human resource capabilities.


d) Relevance involves promotion of education so as to develop human resources keeping pace with the changing economic, social and cultural development of the country; and e) Value Based Education involves inculcating basic moral values among the youth. The Action Plan of 1992 included schemes and programs which were directed towards expansion of intake capacity in general, and that of the disadvantaged groups such as the poor, SC, ST, minorities, girls, the physically challenged persons, and those in the educationally backward regions, in particular. Thw Schemes/Programmes were designed to improve the quality through...
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