Dracula Book Review

Topics: Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing, Mina Harker Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: February 20, 2014
The book Dracula was written by author Bram Stoker. It is about the journey a group of friends takes to rid the world of a master vampire, and the sorrows and danger along the way. It includes a heart wrenching struggle to believe in something only thought of in the darkest and most secluded portions of the mind. The book although set in London and the surrounding area for the most part, begins with Jonathan Harker’s journey to Transylvania. The rising action starts when he then proceeds to Count Dracula’s Castle, and all too soon stumbles upon Dracula’s secret. This being that he is in fact a Vampire and a Master at that, Jonathan then flees. Back in England a russian merchant ship, The Demeter washes up in the harbor of the quiet town of Whitby. The captain found dead lashed to the wheel with a chotki, his log telling of a strange “man” supposedly aboard. A dear friend of Mina’s (Jonathan’s Fiancee) soon turns up sick with blood loss. Dr. John Seward is called in to diagnose her and when he can’t he calls in his mentor Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. He inevitably fails and Lucy dies. Lucy comes back as a vampire and is then killed by them. John and Mina return newly married to help in the others research by collecting the various diaries and journals. They then track down and attempt to purify the boxes of earth that Dracula uses for sanctuary. However the count manages to prey upon Mina starting the slow process of vampirification before fleeing back to transylvania. Van Helsing and Mina purify Castle Dracula of the vampire brides before sealing it. Meanwhile the climax of the story comes when John and Quincy go after the count killing him with knives. Falling action then commences with Quincy dieing of the mortal wounds he sustained. Finally we have our resolution when years later Mina and John have a son named Quincy and both Holmwood and Seward are happily married. Bram Stoker writes uniquely, in this case he writes in the form of journal...
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