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Abraham Van Helsing

anything to escape the clutches of the ambiguously bad count, even if it meant facing death. It also shows that evil and good repel each other. Religiously, Dracula is based on Christianity, in which Dracula is a supporter of the devil, while Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, and Jonathan are supporters of heaven. Stoker depicts characters as evil if they are deliberately harming others. A good example is Dracula creates a storm on the ocean to make the crew of the Demeter mad. Stoker describes good characters...

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Dracula vs Van Helsing

Bram Stoker’s context and his interest in controversial ideas. Use ‘Dracula’ and ‘Van Helsing’ to demonstrate what concepts and concerns have endured and how they have been represented in both texts. JUSTIN LIANG Dracula ( novel) written by Bram stoker is a text which reflects its English Victorian era context, where gender roles were repressed and science and religion had a conflicting relationship. Van Helsing (Stephen Summers) is a contemporary reproduction which demonstrates the same concepts...

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Good vs Evil: An Eternal Struggle in Bram Stoker's, Dracula

Dracula and Abraham Van Helsing. These foil characters are used by the author to illuminate an important theme of the novel, the power struggle between good and evil. Upon the reader’s first introduction to the Dutch doctor Van Helsing, it is unquestionable that he represents everything good and pure in Victorian England. In this introduction, his extensive knowledge sets up how he is perceived throughout the rest of the novel. Called upon by his former student, Dr. Seward, Van Helsing quickly diagnoses...

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Dracula Summary

is composed from letters, journal and diary entries, telegrams, and newspaper clippings. Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray (later Mina Harker), and Dr. Seward write the largest contributions to the novel‹although the writings of Lucy Westenra and Abraham Van Helsing constitute some key parts of the book. The novel is meant to have a slightly journalistic feel, as it is a harrowing account supposedly written by the people who witnessed the book's events. A young Englishman named Jonathan Harker travels...

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Final Essay

the novel, two characters addressed these behaviors, Abraham Van Helsing, a Dutch professor who is a doctor and a lawyer and a philosopher and metaphysician. Also, Dr. John Seward a young doctor who studies psychological and owns his own asylum. Both of them showed their work by stopping the Count Dracula and killing him and going through rough obstacles. Firstly, Stoker introduces superstitions with a philosopher doctor, Abraham Van Helsing who when arrives, goes to help Lucy Westerna, a poor...

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Psychoanalytic Theory on Dacula

oppression and eventual overthrow of a dictatorship style government. Dracula and Trannsylvania represent an oppressed country being run by a dictator. Team Van Helsing, consisting of Van Helsing, Harker, Mina, Lucy, Seward, Holmwood, and Morris, represent the upper middle class of a neighboring country. When Dracula begins expanding his rule into Team Van Helsing’s country, they eventually revolt and overthrow him, In Dracula, Count Dracula represents a dictator ruling over an oppressed country, which...

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Dracula Book Review

calls in his mentor Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. He inevitably fails and Lucy dies. Lucy comes back as a vampire and is then killed by them. John and Mina return newly married to help in the others research by collecting the various diaries and journals. They then track down and attempt to purify the boxes of earth that Dracula uses for sanctuary. However the count manages to prey upon Mina starting the slow process of vampirification before fleeing back to transylvania. Van Helsing and Mina purify Castle...

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The Evolution of Vampires

vampires as attractive people with pale skin, unique eye colors, and sometimes skin that sparkles. The characteristics of vampires have changed drastically from the once sinister being. The differences in the three films: 1931 Bela Lugosi film, Van Helsing, and Hotel Transylvania, all show how vampires have developed throughout the years. In the Bela Lugosi film of Dracula there are clearly many differences from the novel by Bram Stocker. For example, in the film, Dracula’s appearance is much different...

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Dracula Paper (science vs superstition)

The conflict of science versus superstition is drawn out throughout the whole novel. We know that some of our main characters, Jon, Van Helsing and Dracula all depict one of the two, or both. Stoker does not make a point that religion is more important than science, and vice versa. I personally believe that he tries to portray that both science and religion are important to the novel. Through the series of events that partake within the duration of the novel there are many things that one can explain...

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Vampires in Society and Mass Media

to vampirism of a scientific nature, existing in a normal human with a soul. While on the subject of vampires, one must also talk about their slayers. The name Van Helsing always comes up when on the topic of vampire slayers, whether it's Abraham Van Helsing form the original Dracula, or Gabriel Van Helsing from the movie, Van Helsing. One must also mention Buffy Summers, from the popular 90's television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each of these characters hunts and kills evil vampires that...

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