Dr. Daniel H. Williams

Topics: Physician, Daniel Hale Williams, Surgery Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: February 25, 2014
The research paper I’m composing is about the life and times of Dr. Daniel H. Williams, one of the first black African American surgeons. I chose him because he was the first black African American to perform open heart surgery.

Daniel was born in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1856, to Daniel and Sarah Williams.He was the fifth of seven children, Daniel was sent to live with family and friends in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of ten after his fathers death. He later became a shoemaker and then a barber like his father. But that wasn't were his heart was really at .

He moved back to Illinois and became an apprentice for Dr. Henry Palmer for two years and then enrolled at Chicago medical college. Where he finished his schooling in 1883 do to the racial discrimination at the time blacks weren't allowed in hospitals, and black doctors were denied positions. In 1891 Williams opened his own practice in chicago’s south side Provident hospitals the nations first racially integrated staff and teaching school. And in 1893, by successfully suetering the Membranous Sac, that encloses the heart becoming the first person to perform open heart surgery successfully. In 1894 he was appointed chief surgeon of Freedmen's hospital in Washington, D.C. A hospital for ex slaves and he also cofounded the National Medical Association, the alternative to the American medical association which did not allow black members. He soon found love and in 1898 he left Freedmen's and married Alice Johnson. And they soon moved back to chicago where he returned to work at provident.

In the early 1900’s he also worked at Cook County hospital and then St. Lukes a large medical institution also in his later years he was a voluntary visiting clinical professor at Meharry Medical college for over 20 years. During that time he also became a chalter member of the American college of surgeons. At the age of 70 he had a debilitating stroke and five...
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