Dowry System in India

Topics: Marriage, Family, Dowry Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Dowry system is a main problem in our society and it has disturbed and made disgrace to our society. Dowry system is the main culture system where parents of the bride give lumps of money, expensive gifts and jewellery to the bridegroom. The dowry has been done by many ordinary families in the North India. The dowry is event is where there is a huge requirement the bridegroom get millions of money as a dowry from the bride’s family depending upon the qualifications and education the bridegroom we may believe that the person dealing with dowry is a bad person. So we should not ask for dowry. But still happens all over India. The bridegroom should not have any intention that he should take the dowry from the bride as this is a very negative side. Dowry is mainly to promise to give the money to her husband. The treatment of the husband his wife is very bad. Parent cannot give enough dowries to wife husband as much he needs. But the husband should not ask dowry to spoil the girl’s life. So the reason for spoiling the girl life should not be dowry .The gift which is given to the girl from her parents it just for their happiness. They should not force the girl to marry. The girl need support from her parents to live peacefully with her husband. So there should strict rules and regulations for against the dowry and serious action should be taken against the family who is doing this.
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