Dovey Johnson Roundtree Summary: Justice Older Than The Law

Pages: 8 (1923 words) Published: March 13, 2018

Prior to me reading “Justice older than the law”, I had no prior knowledge as to who Dovey Johnson Roundtree was. As a young black civil and social activist, I was baffled by my lack of knowledge of this brilliant, inspiring, and cultivating African American women. Dovey Johnson Roundtree was extremely passionate, well qualified, and empathetic when it came down to the needs human beings across this very nation. Although she embodied such charisma and joy, she lived in a perpetuating system, which made it its duty to subjugate and oppress its constituents of color. This overbearing feeling of fear continuously consumed the body of this woman, and it became the deciding factor in her decision to make a change. The story presented in the pages...

This pain fostered the notion to eliminate and reform the American social system, which fueled the fight for social justice. The philosophical teachers of these black leaders blead into the communities of both black and white constitutions causing an up rise of change. They were praised for their pre-conceived societal notions, while the beginning of a new era began to trike across the American nation. Dovey Roundtree was born in and experienced her young life in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, where the atmosphere was infused with fear and hopelessness. At this time, the geographic make up was, which included …. Impoverished black people. The level of success and dream of existing the walls of ghettoism was slim to known, yet for Dovey Roundtree, the dream continued to...

The setup of the book is well written. After reading the book, there were three main components that stuck out and became quit memorable; internal community support, the social, political, and economic barriers and her leadership and activism within and beyond the walls of the courtroom. The components in which the author highlights, unit as one, and creates a bondage that transcends ones outcome in life. I believe that Justice beyond the Law written to, not only highlight the many accomplishments of Ms. Johnson, but to create and relay the message that change can occur and justice for each American citizen can and will exist. Dovey writes this book in confidence to create a picture of this specific time period of her life, in which she became consciously aware and acted on social and civil rights issues, to further broaden the audiences understandings about race relations, social inequality, and the role that she...
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