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Double Entry Journal #2
A double-entry journal is a type of extended annotation. There is not enough room in the book to put all of the information that you’d like to write. Since the double-entry journal is in a document, you can make your information as detailed as you’d like. Your goal is to choose quotes that represent at least all of the key ideas in the section. Then discuss any connections you made to those quotes or thoughts that you had while reading. An example is done for you below.
Directions: Read Models for Writers p. 193-196 and 517-520. As you read, create a chart in a Word Document or other word processing software. The left-hand side of the chart will have quotes from the book that helped you learn something new about writing. The right-hand side of the chart should contain descriptions of what you learned from the quote and how it was different from what you thought before. What you write in the right-hand column should be at least 5-8 sentences long and give reasons for why you included it.
You should have enough quotes to cover all of the key ideas in these two chapters. Your quotes can be as specific or as general as you like as long as you explain them well.
Example Table:
Quote that you read and page number
What did you learn from this quote? example: p. 193 “Cause and effect: therefore, consequently, thus, accordingly, as a result, hence, then, so.”

Before, I din’t think about using “hence” as a word to express effect. I rarely use it, but I think it could help my writing to improve by adding variety. I think I can use “hence” like this: “The class was over. Hence, the teacher got to relax a little bit.” I was not sure if I can use it like this kind of transition word, I can, and I can also use it with and. He was tired and hence took a nap. I learned this from: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s dictionary



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