Dore Dore Case Study

Topics: Cellular manufacturing, Value added, Utilization Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: March 22, 2010
*Q1.* Evaluate the changes Dore-Dore made in its children’s knitwear division. How does the traditional operation & cellular manufacturing system differ? Solution:
*Q2. What is Dore-Dore’s motivation of converting to cells? Should the company continue with the plan for complete implementation of cells in children knitwear? *If not, which* knitwear products *(if* any) *should be manufactured in cells? Solution: The various reasons which motivated Dore – Dore to convert to cells are as follows: The high discrepancy between the actual labour time and average throughput time of various operations. Reduction in average throughput time of an operation by converting to cellular manufacturing system. Example: The average sewing throughput time of a garment dropped from 15 working days to 1 working day by converting sewing department setup from traditional to cellular. Reduction in WIP by converting to cellular manufacturing system. Example: The WIP of Sewing department reduced from 720 to 48 by converting from traditional to cellular setup. Increase in value added time. Example: The labour value added time in sewing operation increased by 14 times by converting from traditional to cellular setup. Reduced labour idle time and hence increase in labour utilization Increase in machine utilization.

EVALAUTION OF PLAN FOR COMPLETE CONVERSION OF SEWING DEPARTMENT TO CELLS The various operations which different knitwear products undergo are as follows: Sweaters {draw:g}
{draw:g} Sweatshirts
{draw:g} Dresses
{draw:g} Trousers Shorts {draw:g}
T-Shirts {draw:g}
Sewing Operations:
Features of a...
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