Dominos Pizza Propaganda

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 17, 2006
Dominos Pizza Propaganda

The Dominos Pizza ad screams propaganda with a capital P. This propaganda makes you the consumer very intrigued and enticed to buy Dominos pizza. The advertisers for this company use many items and quotes to convince you that their pizza is the best. They as the advertiser chose to do this time and time again to help you to continue to stay a regular customer also. They do not have to say that their pizza is the best, just by all of the items and information they put on their ad makes you believe that without having to be told that directly. The first thing they do to hook you into their trap is to show you a huge picture of a juicy, tasty, delicious pepperoni pizza at the top of the page. This picture includes a quote, " Our Biggest Pizza. 30% Bigger Than Our Large." Also tied into that picture is an ad on top of that picture for a one topping extra-large pizza for 9.99. And then the third thing they tie into this picture is XLP Sweepstakes. If you buy this extra-large pizza and enter the sweepstakes you could win prizes from Dominos and another company named Target. This gives you another great company hooked to this company to even convince you more. All of this information already tries to persuade you to purchase this agreement because you will be receiving such a great deal and many bonuses. The next fixation the advertisers for Dominoes do is give you many locations you can chose from to use to order their items. This opens up a wide range of where you can live or go and still be connected to their company. Also by adding in when they are open, that they accept credit cards, and have gift certificates, this gives more information to what the locations can do for you on top of serving you their service of pizza. This makes you think, you can get your pizza in a variety of places, be able to get your pizza even if you do not have cash, and be able to buy gift certificates for family and friends so...
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