Domestic vs International Adoption

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In today's society, the idea of adoption is an open and welcome one. However, the biggest decision in adoption today is whether to adopt domestically or internationally. There is a very large growing trend in international adoptions today. Compared to adoption rates in 1987, in 2004 international adoptions had risen over 200% as compared to an 8% rise in domestic adoptions. After World War II, international adoptions began to rise because Americans began adopting European and Japanese war orphans. However, this was not the only reason for international adoptions. Desperate poverty and social upheaval such as the one child law in China, are factors that have led others to adopt from Latin America and China. Also, after the Child Citizen Act of 2000, international adoptions became easier. This act allowed foreign-born adopted children to become automatic American citizens when they enter the U.S., eliminating the legal burden of naturalization. However, domestic adoptions have continued to be a steady way for many couples to adopt as well. There are many differences in international and domestic adoption and many factors to consider.

The first factor lies in the age of the child a couple is looking to adopt. It is usually very easy to adopt disabled and emotionally disturbed children, but usually parents want healthy children. Often, healthy children are difficult to get domestically. Many families prefer infants or toddlers in order to minimize emotional and developmental problems associated with long-term abandonment and orphanage care. The limited number of infants and toddlers available from domestic adoptions results in many families focusing on adopting a young child internationally.

The next factor to consider is the previous health of children. In domestic adoptions most children are healthy with medical records typically available before and after birth. Families are often able to visit with the doctor at the hospital. In international...
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