Doing Research in the Fields of Science, What They Have in Common

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Theory Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 1, 2008
Doing Research in the Fields of Science, What They Have in Common

There are common links between research that is done in different fields of science. Whether it be describing chemical reactions, natural phenomenon, or physical actions and reactions, the same basic approaches are taken. All sciences seek answers and they do it with similar methods.

The first approach relates to the need of knowledge. Every division of science endeavors to utilize one of four different levels of research. These are: to solve for an unknown, aid in developing emerging knowledge, research to give validity to generally accepted knowledge, and to prove already accepted universal knowledge. Once the choice is made as to which method to use, the second approach is to do the research. The common link in all fields of science is they all conduct scientific investigations by collecting observations, developing explanations, and testing explanations. Even though the experiments may be conducted similarly, the purpose for doing them varies.

Solving for the unknown contributes to knowledge through collecting and presenting data, or developing new theories. This involves the purest scientific method. It starts with an observation, a conjecture or hypothesis is formulated, an assumption or prediction as to the result is made, a test is conducted, and then, an analyzation of the results. Tests are retested or, if necessary, modified and retested to give credence to the findings. These results(Theory) are the basis for the next level of research, the emerging knowledge.

Emerging knowledge takes new theories and tests them for accuracy. It tests the results against the theory and publishes research to support the findings if results are found to be constant, or acceptably consistent. The testing may be the same, but, the confirmation of the theory is what is being proved. This may lead to the theory becoming a scientific law or scientific principle. Scientific laws and...
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