Doing Homework Via Internet

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Doing Homework via Internet

Have you ever done your homework without handling either pen or paper? This is extremely doable, thanks to the rapid growth of internet. Internet is a technology that allows citizens easily access or get information from all around the world regardless of space and time. Internet has dominated the business and communication area. Indeed, nowadays most of citizens build a network and business, market their product or service, and do online transaction in the internet. Likewise, internet begins to penetrate into education area. People today, especially students, can do their homework online by using internet, namely, they are using online assignment. It is kind of homework for students which is uploaded by teachers in the internet, and students have to do it online before the deadline. Online assignment’s popularity increased day by day due to its benefits for educational institutions. There are respectively two benefits of using online assignment for both students and teachers.

To start with, there are two benefits of using online assignment for students. First, online assignment increases students’ intellegence. Online assignment allows more practice questions that can be used for exam preparation. It encourages students to stay focus on the course material. While students are doing the online assignment, they are provided with a number of attempts to submit their answers and immediate feedback. Students can master the course material by always trying to find the way to solve the questions and correcting their own mistakes. This process is splendidly helpful in polishing the students’ brain and increasing their intellegence. Secondly, online assignment improves students’ chance of success. It encourages students to find more material online. Students can access various sources on the web. Online assignment also provides a video lecture and flash animations which display some principles and show how they are applied. Students can...
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