Online School Vs. Traditional

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Online School vs. Traditional School
Elizabeth Hall
Ohio Ivy Tech

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 4.3 million undergraduate students, or 20 percent of all undergraduates, took at least one distance education course in the 2007-08 school year. And about 0.8 million, or 4 percent of all undergraduates, took their entire program through distance education (May, Ryan). There are many pros and cons about distance and traditional education, as well as many similarities and differences. Online education is a more flexible option for students to get an education since most classes can be taken anywhere you are able to take your laptop or hook up to the internet. It’s very convenient for people who have a busy lifestyle, such as families, full-timer workers, and those who serve in the military. With online learning, students don’t have the traditional methods of sitting at a desk and learning with lectures and books. You have the freedom to learn your way at your own comfort level. Studies have shown that in online learning conditions perform better than those receiving traditional instruction (NCU). However, for some, lectures in the classroom are more beneficial to them since some need more a more hands on approach. A disadvantage of online learning is not having your degree being seen as creditable. Be sure that your college choice is accredited since there are many “Degree Mills” out looking for your money. There are many students and employers who are skeptics about how much you really do learn from online learning. According to Allie Bidwell from USA news, In a survey of 656 human resources professionals released Wednesday, the researchers found that although nearly half of employers said online-only programs require more discipline, 56 percent said they still prefer applicants with traditional degrees from an average university over those with an online degree from a top university. Overall,...

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