Dogs Death

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Dog’s Death
Courtney Diane Fisk
Eng125: Introduction to Literature
Albert Abonado

I connected with the poem a Dog’s Death written by John Updike. I believe throughout the work that he demonstrated imagery as well as tone. Imagination was also introduced in the poem and a true life aspect that many people could identify with. This literary piece captured my attention because I felt as though I could very easily identify with the work. Updike was able to carry me through the journey of the dog’s life and how if impacted in the lives of his family. When I first began reading it I felt the sadness of the loss of the animal, but as I went on, I felt as though the family had found peace with the passing of the pet. I believe that the overall tone with this piece of literature is love and acceptance. Even though they suffered a loss, they were able to remember the better times and celebrate the dog’s life, always remembering that their dog was a good dog. I also believe that image and imagination played well together in this poem. With imagery I found, “Hobbes and Locke use the term as a key element in their accounts of sensation, perception, memory, imagination, and lang., developing a "picture-theory" of consciousness as a system of receiving, storing, and retrieving mental images,” (W.J.T.M., 1993). He was able to not only paint a picture with his words, but also an emotional connection. I could imagine that I was the one that came in and found my dog beneath my child’s bed, limp and twisted. The last passage is my favorite of this work, “…Back home, we found that in the night her frame,

Drawing near to dissolution, had endured the shame
Of diarrhea and had dragged across the floor
To a newspaper carelessly left there. Good dog.” (R. Clugston, 2010). Even in this passage I can clearly see that when they discovered this mishap, that it took them back to when they first had the dog as a puppy, and the experiences that they endured together. Using the...

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