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Does Life Exist on Mars

Oct 08, 1999 390 Words
Does Life Exist On Mars

After the recent discovery of single-cell life forms from mars were discovered contained in meteorite that crashed to the earth 12 YEARS AGO. I have many doubts to believe that it is the case. There is still no proof after all these years that the sightings of flying sources moving across the sky at tremendous speeds do really exist in the first place. Many Photos and Videos are taken but with the amount that turn out to be forges, the possibility that one of them is real is greatly reduced. Its not even worthwhile to screen the videos that get brought in with the amount that are not disprooved.

However there is no reason why human beings got the idea that there were aliens from other planets in the first place. Just the idea that they may exist shows that somewhere along the years of Human existent somebody must have really came in contact with an alien otherwise the terms 'Alien , UFOS and Flying Sources' would have never existed.

I however don't believe that living cells of any kind have ever existed in this solar system apart from on earth. I do see the possibility that maybe other solar systems is our solar system in history which is an interesting thought.

Just because NASA has found a single cell living creature in a meteorite doesn't prove anything in my mind. Especially because of the fact that it has been on earth for 12 years when over this time the cell could have attached itself to the meteorite.

Nobody knows enough about the subject to start telling the public that this is true, they should have never released it unless it were defiantly proven to be fact. NASA has a big name in the world, they should be more carefule next time.

I just hope that whatever NASA had to say to the president in private isn't different to what they told the public We hear often that the media finds people that used to work for the US Government that seem to believe that things in the US Air force to do with aliens and UFOS have been kept away from the public for so many years. It would be nice for them to start telling the truth for once.

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