Do Women Talk More Than Men

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Do women talk more than men?

“Women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day - 13,000 more than the average man.” (

My boyfriend always tells me that I talk too much, and that I talk more than him. This topic got me curios, so I decided to find out the truth. Do women really talk more than men? I will base this essay on facts taken from internet, and some interviews. It was rather hard for me to collect material for this essay, because during interviews with other women, they all thought that I was exaggerating, and they did not want to be a part of these interviews. It took me a while to convince them to really think about it and then answer my question. I interviewed three women and three men, and asked them the following questions. 1) Do you think that women talk more than men? 2) If yes, why is that?
Then I compared my answers to books and facts on the internet. At first the women refused to answer the questions and then they thought that the questions was ridiculous, but after thinking a while, they all could agree with the men, that women talk more then men. But no one could answer the question why.
The three men I interviewed all answered that their wives always talk, about anything, and that the have to listen. On the question why, one of the men answered that women are noisier, they want to know everything about everybody, unlike men. This man said that men are more relaxed then woman. Men do not care about others, and the do not want to know secrets about others lives. The other two men did not know why, they simply did say that they have no answer to that question, but they were sure that their wives talked much more than them selves.
This made me more curious, so I decided to look it up in some books and on the internet. Dr Luan Brizendine, female psychiatrist, has written a book about

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