Do we Benefit learning flaws from people you admire

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Do we benefit from learning about the flaws of people we admire and respect? Yes
1. So we wont make the same mistakes as them
2. We can know that we can just be as good as them
3. We can know just because we think hes great hes still a human and he makes mistakes

Through our life time, we all have people that we admire or look up too. We sometimes think of them as god, and forget they are just like us. Humans. I think it’s beneficial for us to learn from the blemishes that people we admire make. It is beneficial to us, so we won’t make the same errors as they did, we can also be as good as them or even better and last but not least we can know that they are humans just like us who makes blunders.

To start out we benefit from the mistakes of people we venerate because, we can learn from their mistakes. For example Bo Jackson he’s use to be a professional baseball player and also a professional football, he was phenomenally excessive in both sports, but joining 2 professional sports at once, which is definitely a mammoth gaffe, just think about it a professional sports season is exceedingly penetrating, he had to duple that compression, because he’s on 2 sports teams and both sports season start at about the same time. If he focus on one sport than he might have been on all the record books and become a hall of fame, and an elongated career which guarantee he could earn way more money than he have right now . Instead he was materialistic and imprudent he wanted money come in sooner so he had contracts with 2 sports team. He did have a record to be the first man to have 2 sports contract. But because being in 2 different professional sports and going through a variety of injuries he only had a 2 year career. It’s not probable for a person to emphasis on 2 sports and be an all-star in both sports. So after athletes saw this they admire him being able to have a 2year career with that kind of strenuous schedule, but after him there was on no...
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