Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

Topics: Video game, Violence, Aggression Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Do Video Games Lead To Violence?
Video games have different purpose for kids to enjoy and to learn from. Most video games are very violent can lead to being aggressive and violent to others. Although reading both sides of the dissuccsuion researches didn’t use just video games to prove there point? Therefore, they can’t say that just video games made the kids more aggressive. Researcher used games, movies and television to support their data and to get there conclusion.

“Yes, Video Games Lead To Violence?”

After reading the yes side of do video games lead to violence, I’m going to have to say I disagree with them. Because if that was the case then every little kid that played a violent game would try and do what happen in the video game but they don’t. Yes, they might get more aggressive but that don’t mean it’s because of the video game. A lot of violence comes from how the kid was raise and what he or she has seen from their elders. In the research that was provide the highest time of risk to gain violence for kids was between ages 9-12 and 15-18. But this is not just them using research by video game they been using television and movies. In some ways I can see where video games can raise aggressive. But they just didn’t use that to figure out if it was just the video games causing it to rise, it could of raise because of the movie or television that he or she watched. So there for their research is incorrect for the question that they are asking. “No, Video Games Does not Lead to Violence”

No, video gaming does not lead to violence when they get older. I agree with this after reading both sides of the discussion about video games making people more violent after playing them. Because it’s not about being violent about competing with one another to be number one. Yes, some of the kids may have got beat and showed more aggressive then the winner. This is because there’s a will inside people that make them not want to lose. For example, it’s like...
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