Do the Right Thing Essay

Topics: Love, Do the Right Thing, Hatred Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Sharqueze Skinner
Professor Rogers
HUM 160
9 October, 2012
In This Corner From the Man's Soul Is Love.
“Hate, it is with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love, these five fingers go strait to the soul of man. The story of life is this; static, one hand is always fighting the other.” This is said by Radio Raheem in the film Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee. Radio Raheem goes on to explain that no matter how much hate seems to get the best of us, love will always come out on top. The Film centers around the themes of hate and love, the supporting character Da Mayor reinforces Radio Raheem's monologue that love always prevails over hate through his conflicts and relationships in the film.

Da Mayor is a major character in the film whom reinforces the theme that love will always prevail over hate in the end. When the audience is first introduced to Da Mayor it is when he arrives at Sal's Famous Pizzeria. Da Mayor comes in looking to sweep the sidewalk for a small price. He comes in and he acknowledges everyone in the building including the negative and hateful Pitto. When Da Mayor turns around to Pitto whom is speaking negatively about Da Mayor in Italian Lee adds a subtle object in the frame, a heart shaped sticker placed on the register. From the way the frame is set up the heart shaped sticker is placed next to Da Mayor to signify him as a loving character. This scene is also the first of many to pit love and hate against one another, though there is no winner of this first round the scene does its job of showcasing whom in this film carries hate and whom is built of love.

Da Mayor the character for love goes through many trials against hate but none more crucial to the film than winning the heart of Mother Sister. When Da Mayor and Mother Sister first encounter one another Mother Sister yells at Da Mayor for drinking in front of her stoop. She goes on to continue yelling and insulting Da Mayor from the ledge of her window. This scene is shot...
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