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The Godfather

The segment of ‘The Godfather’ portrays many ideas of belonging. The scene involves the climax of the movie, where Michael Corleone is revealed as the next “godfather”, by shows another side of Corleone. There are many signs that suggest that Michael Corleone fits in and belongs in the mafia just like his father. The double life of the mafia shows the sense of belonging. The scene shows a montage of many plots of murders. The double life of Michael Corleone, the mafia and his family shows the hypocrisy of people who kill go to church. The differences between the two groups are joined together at the climax where Michael kills his brother-in-law. The juxtaposition between the family and mafia is shows when there is a montage of the christening of the baby and the plots of murders occurring. The vows that Michael Corleone to protect the baby shows irony as he plots to murder at the same time.

The segment of “The Godfather” shows the irony of the vows made by Michael Corleone and the murders he commits. The symbolism of Catholics and the belief of cleansing and the idea of baptism based on integrity shows irony of mafia and hypocrisy of people who kill go to church. The montage creates an intense situation that emphasises the irony of the mafia’s double life. This shows the audience the sense of belonging the mafia has towards the two different groups. When Michael is seen with the two different groups, it can be seen by the audience that there is tenser in the mafia group. Michael shows a difference in attitude when with family. However in the last scene the family is also portrayed very tense, this is after Michael kills his brother-in-law. The scenes in the church where the baby is being baptised and the murders juxtapose as it contradicts with the innocence of the baby and the mafia’s crimes.

There are many signs in the film that shows the audience how Michael Corleone belongs in the mafia. This is shown by Michael’s actions, where he...
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