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Do Professional Athletes Deserve Million Dollar Salaries?

By TurtleTheBob Oct 19, 2014 340 Words
Do professional athletes deserve multi-million dollar salaries? Sports are very important part of our life. In old days, people play sports for fun and for exercise. Some people play sports for their countries. Today every country have a main or popular sport. There are a lot of popular and great players in the world. But today players and departments take games as a money business. In America there are many players who play sports very well. They play for their country and earn money for playing. It depends on the players that how they play. If they play very well then they get millions of dollars as salaries from their industries. Every player's salary is in contrast. But there are few players who have parallel amount of pay. When players earn millions of dollars they do not care about anything. They just waste money on expensive cars, homes , drugs and alcohol etc. Sometimes they put their lives in danger. Some players go to jail due to their money. I think it is not logical to pay them this much. It will be good if they help charities and other organizations who need help with their money. The salary of players is more than the firefighters who put their lives in danger to help other people. Their pay is more than president of America. Barack Obama earns $400,000 a year. But the players earn more than him. I believe that they should get half of the pay they earn now. I think only those players get more pay who got injured during the high risk game and they need money for recovery. I guarantee that if they earn less pay than they earn now, then their will be some improvements in economy too. I think sports persons should earn less money because if they continuously earn millions of dollars and waste it on luxury things and drugs then one day sports will completely be a source of business. So professional athletes should earn less money then then they earn now.

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