... Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

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…Divorced, Beheaded, Survived
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’’…Divorced, Beheaded, Survived’’ is a short story written by the author Robin Black. The text is written in 2010. The text circles around different themes. Some of the main themes are the difficulties about death, how to deal with it, how it affects us, what happens after, death in a young age and how to move on when you lose someone who is really close to you. In the text we are fast introduced to the setting in the main character’s childhood. She lives in Massachusetts with her parents and Brother Terrance. The main character and Terry likes to play with three other friends from the neighborhood, Johnny Sanderson, Jeff Mandelbaum and Molly Denham. It’s indicated as it’s also heart on the children’s last names that the kids’ lives in a wealthier environment. All of the kids’ parents are very highly educated. Sanderson’s father is a professor in medical school and has also started up a university where the main character’s father also works as a professor. Both of Denham’s parents are Jungian analysts. The friendship between the kids’ parents seems superficial and motionless. This is seen on page 1, l.27-29: ‘’Those were the days where there were still teas and formal dinner parties for new faculty, and my parents and the Sandersons had struck up a friendship of sorts’’. These formal upper-class parties sound very shallow and as if they were only held to show off their materialism. It seems as their friendship is fake and that they don’t even like each other’s company as its heart that they only had a friendship struck up of sorts. These physical surroundings combined with their parents very busy works we must assume that the kids don’t get a lot of attention and feelings from their parents. The short story starts with an abrupt opening. The first page and a half we start in a flashback from the main character’s childhood and hear about her playing with her brother and friends. She ends her story from the...
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