Divorce Essay

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Husband Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Argument about Divorce

Since ancient times, marriage union is the core of society which facilitates behaviour and social conduct. Love, emotional and physical attractiveness are the main causes why people get marriage and have children, In spite of romantic relations and happy family life at the beginning of their marriage, many people divorce because of different reasons. Statistical results show that the main reasons of divorce include economic instability and changing social roles, infidelity, lack of understanding and love. Thesis Divorce can be the only solution to unhappy marriage if love and mutual understanding disappeared and result in abusive relations and distress.

Marriage couples should divorce if they have unhappy and unstable relations. Marriage union cannot exist without mutual feelings. Love is an exceptional feeling which supports marriage and happy family life. If mutual feelings do not exist, friendly and warm relations disappeared and result in separation and alienation of both spouses. On the other hand, marriage based on money or financial gain usually can also lack true feelings. Without mutual feelings marriage people cannot find pleasure in sexual relations seeing them as a matrimonial duty only. “If both spouses were consistently able to communicate with each other, able and willing to compromise with each other, and 100% committed to their marriage, it’s hard to see how it could fail” (What Causes Divorces 2007).

Sexual attractiveness is closely connected with an ideal image created by a person, while the desire to have children reflects sexual affection. It is possible to say that young people fall in love because they need sexual satisfaction with an ideal person to give birth to their children. During early age, the image of an ideal person (appearance, personal qualities, values, etc) causes people get marriage, but when young people grow up they become...
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