Diversity: Culture and America

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Land of the Free

Beginning with the prospect of the American dream, diversity has been one of the most dominant characteristics of American society. During the nineteenth century, America was deemed a melting pot: a place where people of different ethnicities could co-exist. The idea of people being able to embrace commonalities without letting go of their culture has been the basis of the America that we live in today. This sense of collaboration, which comes with diversity, has created outlets for our citizens and opportunities for those foreign to our country. Diversity is one of the most beneficial aspects of not only America’s history, but its present and future.

Diversity is what makes America unique. As said in Mirror on America by Leonard Pitts, “America is everyone else, a nation composed of other nations, a culture made of other cultures, a history built of other histories.” (Pitts, 82) Pitt’s statement clearly depicts the fact that although America is independent from other countries geographically, the integration of different ethnic groups defines American history. The acceptance of other cultures in America has not only brought over people from different countries, but also their: ideas, beliefs, and opinions. The rewards that we reap from foreign contributions are, but are not limited to, food variety, technological advances, open minded citizens and overall a more tolerant country. America is a

place characterized as the land of the free; the diversity in our country is what keeps that statement relevant.

Due to the effectiveness of diversity in the workplace, industries and organizations have spent an abundance of time incorporating diversity into their own companies. With the incorporation of diversity in advertisements, employees, and superior positions today’s workplace is more diverse than it has ever been. These implementations of diversity benefit companies by creating a comfortable...

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