Diversity and Stereotypes Within the United States

Topics: United States, Race, Ethnic group Pages: 5 (1730 words) Published: June 12, 2013
There is much about diversity in the United States that I have learned about but there is much that I have yet to encounter. There are many things that have also been brought to my attention or have been more so recognized in my eyes. We all have an understanding of what goes on or what is involved in our country but we rarely are aware of all the details of what goes on with each group. The complexity of each group has its own unique characteristics that have impelled me to understand and to better relate and accept other groups as a part of society. We have discussed, addressed issues and tried to understand various groups within our society. Groups relating to the GLTB communities, Gender Groups, Racial Groups, Religious Groups, and Ethnic Groups. Each group has faced extensive trauma and have been faced with much discrimination because of who they are and what they represent. In my opinion, no person should be treated poorly based on what they want to be or who they may resemble. We have learned of the issues that they all have faced and what they all continue to encounter from time to time and because of these incidences, I have a better understanding of what they are going through and what they encounter in their lives. In all reality, each person, despite what group they may come from, may face the same type of ill treatment and discrimination. So why continue the cycle of stereotypes, discrimination and mistreatment. We are people. After taking this course, there are many things that I have learned and touched on during this vigorous week, which pertains to my own race and cultural life. It’s only fair to state that we all have our own personal experience and opinion about our culture but after taking this course it helped enlighten my attitude an create a more open unbiased mindset towards others views in what my culture may be or has been in the past. As a Native American, I was brought up a certain way with various types of attitudes directed towards me and attitudes directed towards the majority. In the late 1800s and 1900’s there were laws enacted that I have little knowledge about that I found interesting and had been something new for me. It started from the Removal, Allotment and the Reorganization Acts that forced Native American family to relocate, move, subdivide their areas and appoint tribal officials to govern over their tribes. The over the years there were additional provisions and Acts passed that reflect something different and supported changed and who Native Americans are as a people. The last Act the be passed was the American Indian Religious Freedom Act that was passed In 1994 and followed by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. (Schaefer, pg.151) A new report from the Pew Research Center projects that immigration will propel the U.S. population total to 438 million by 2050, from 303 million today. Along with this growth, the racial and ethnic profile of Americans will continue to shift—with non-Hispanic whites losing their majority status (Haud, 2008) According to the details of their findings they are presuming that this rise will be caused from those immigrants that arrived here after the year 2005 and all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of immigrants. . (Haub, 2008) They also state that there will be a slight decline in non-Hispanic Whites as they will fall from 67 percent to 47. para. 4 During this time I think our country will begin to see another change and shift in understanding with diversity.

I think there are a couple different dilemmas that the united States are faced with because our population is so diverse. For instance, because there are so many different cultures and ethnicities there is going to be conflict between them all given their morals upbringings; what they believe is right or wrong. They also might have a different standard of living, what they believe in as in Religion etc. It’s inevitable that there is going to be conflict among...
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