Distractions in the Classroom

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Distractions in the Classroom

In todays world distractions are everywhere we turn. The last place distractions are sought is in the classroom. This is where paying attention is needed most. However, there are several strategies for managing attention problems in a learning environment. Paying attention is a vital characteristic to have and carry on throughout your later years in life, this is why teaching students young is a must.

The most important tactic that may enhance attention problems is to insure that all students understand how paying attention works. Emphasize to students the importance of paying attention. It is essential as a teacher to understand that the inconsistency of children with attention problems is not evidence of a poor attitude or lack of motivation. It sometimes is beyond their easy control, due to the biological factor. With knowing this you can understand and assist students rather than getting unsatisfied. When you notice a student isn’t paying attention, looking right at them and saying “now listen very carefully” is generally more effective than calling their name out of anger. Breaks are also very important in the classroom. It is helpful for students with attention problems to be provided with opportunities to move around instead of sitting at a desk all day. Using a variety of instructional strategies will help students stay engaged. Such as a lecture for 20 minutes, followed by a small group assignment, then having students complete their work individually. Minimizing noise will be very helpful when dealing with easily distracted students, sometimes sitting the student near the front of the classroom will be useful. Lastly, staying organized and having a planner will aid students to stay on top of assignments and stay focused. Keeping all of these tactics in mind when managing your classroom will keep students involved and wanting to work.
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