Classroom Environment

Topics: Learning, Space, Environment Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: November 19, 2010
I want my classroom to be “a home away from home” so that’s why I have decided to make it very simple yet functional. The seating arrangement will be designed in a systematic way so that the organization of the seats helps the students to feel more organized. The main tables are in the middle of the classroom so that way all of the other learning areas are more accessible. Most researchers agree that well-arranged classroom settings reflect the following attributes, clearly defined spaces within the classroom that are used for different purposes and that ensure students know how to behave in each of these areas. I agree with this one hundred percent. There should also be personal spaces that each student can call his or her own and areas for large and small group activities that set the stage for specific kinds interactions between students and teacher, and there may also be spaces to store items, computers, or audio-visual equipment. I think these are all great ideas to use when designing a classroom.

I designed a preschool classroom ages 3-5 and I want my classroom to also be a place where my students can learn and grow. My classroom will be a colorful room divided into carefully planned interest areas. It will be filled with bright, primary colors and a variety of materials for each child to manipulate, explore, snuggle, play with, and share. The room is especially designed to encourage each child's natural curiosity and desire to learn about his or her world. The organization of preschool classrooms sends important signals to children about what there is to do and how to do it. I think that the whole time children in preschool, it’s a brand new experience and they are always exploring and learning new things and I want them to be able to do that in my classroom. All of my learning areas, literacy area, sand play area, water play area, dramatic play area, blocks/building area, will all be laid out perfectly in my classroom so it will not be hard...
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