Distinctive Features in the Works of Kazakh and Russian Artists

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The Distinctive Features In the Works of Kazakh and Russian Artists

Course: Arts History (ART1303)

Instructor: Camilya Karabayeva

Spring 2009


I. Introduction (Malika)
The essay below demonstrates the main distinctive features of Kazakh artists’ art pieces with the Russians ones II. Main Body
a. Comparison of Abylkhan Kasteev’s works with the famous Russian artist Iliya Glazunov (Saniya) b. Comparison of Zhanatai Shardenov’s works with the outstanding Russian artist Ivan Shishkin (Yelzhan) c. Comparison of Gulfayrus Ismailova’s works with the well-known Russian artist Natalia Nesterova (Adlet) III. Conclusion (Kamilya)

Kasteev’s and Glazunov’s, Shardenov’s and Shishkin’s works were both innovative and distinguished by features which can be compared and contrasted IV. Bibliography

Kazakh art style has been developing under the centuries being composed from the different elements of the different cultures and civilizations that our ancestors had absorbed while roaming from one place to another. That is why the classical Kazakh style includes several components of the neighboring cultures and it is really hard to make a strict distinction between them. All the traditional crafts were more or less influenced by the environmental impacts, religious themes etc. A lot of borrowed ideas had been transformed under the individual preferences of the Kazakh people and sometimes lost their original purpose. Having observed the traditional art style of any nation it could be seen the unique peculiarities and features of the country, as the art always was considered to be an expression of the individual's ideas to the outside world the Kazakh art demonstrates all the wideness and deepness of the Kazakh soul. Looking at the pictures of the past, we can approximately see and understand what the masters were considered as beautiful and perfect, what topic were important for them, what they were thinking about while creating their masterpieces. By investigating and studying art elements of our ancestors we become closer to our national roots, we start to find and feel our national identity that were strongly regulated by the USSR State Committee of Standards (Gosstandart) during the Soviet times. From the ancient times Kazakh craftsmen used numerous materials for creating their masterpieces, wood, leather, horn, bone, wool etc. The complicated combinations of these materials gave birth to the amazing art works that keep and save the piece of master's soul. Abilkhan Kasteev is one of the most famous painters in our country. He made a great contribution into the development of national art. In his pictures he demonstrated the common features of Kazakh people under the soviet times. He devoted his works to the praise of the Kazakh nation, its moral principles and values. The special place in his art is given to the theme of landscape and nature. He put a lot of attention to the details in description of the environment, living conditions and clothes of that period.

In the essay below famous Kazakh and Russian artists’ works are going to be compared and contrasted by different features. As it was mentioned earlier, Kasteev is the most recognizable artist of Kazakh nation. But he is also the founder of Kazakh art with his own style of work and use of materials. Perhaps the one reason of why he had kept his own style of painting is in that he was the real son of Kazakhstan. So does Iliya Glazunov. He also represents himself as a very talented and outstanding artist of Russia....

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