Distillation of Alcoholic Beverages

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Distillation of Alcohol Beverages

Distillation is a process wherein a liquid is heated until its boiling point while the resultant hot vapors are subsequently captured and cooled, and the condensed vapors are collected. Among the many types of distillations, the fractional method or technique of distillation was used in this experiment. A step by step procedure was followed and an amount of 3.33 % of ethanol was obtained from the sample wine, Mateus Rose, which was used. Further discussion on the results obtained, as well as related terms, shall be discussed in detail in the following pages. Introduction

With these in mind, the objectives of this experiment are to separate and calculate in percentage the alcohol content of the commercial alcoholic beverage, Mateus Rose wine, by distillation process, and to compare the efficiency of simple and fractional distillation techniques. Experimental

Results and Discussion
Fractional distillation of the sample beverage, Mateus Rose wine, shows that it contains 3.33% of ethanol relative to the results obtained regarding the volume of the distillate and corresponding temperature (Table 1.1). Table 1.1 Fractional Distillation Data on Volume of Distillate and Corresponding Temperature

{draw:frame} Using the results above which were obtained, the temperature readings versus the volume of the distillate were plotted on a graph which may be seen below (Figure 1.2). {draw:frame}

Given the data above, the percentage of ethanol present in Mateus Rose wine may be computed with the use of Equation 1.1 which may be seen below. % ethanol= mL of ethanolmL of sample x 100
Following the equation above, the corresponding data may be plugged in. These are 0.5mL and 15.0mL for the mL of ethanol and mL of sample, respectively. The result of which is 3.33% ethanol which is in itself the percentage ethanol content of the sample wine, Mateus Rose....

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